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Resource Center of Somerset


Over the years, Beyond the Fringe Salons has given to the Resource Cener of Somerset.  Our dedication to helping those affected by domestic abuse stems from our support and promotion of healthy living for healthy women. 


Our inventory of hair care products from shampoos and styling products to hair dryers and other items are donated reguluarly throughout the year.  We hope you, too, can reach out and donate to the Resource Center of Somerset.

Purple Purse Challenge


We are participating in the "Purple Purse Challenge"


A fundraiser helping to end Domestic Violence! Click HERE to make a donation. Our team name is Beyond the Fringe. Make a donation of any amount and help the Resource Center of Somerset win prizes up to $100,000 in prizes- October 1 - October 27th.


Hillsborough High School's Project Graduation


For the past 8 years, Beyond the Fringe has donated free services for the Hillsborough High School's Project Graduation.  Beyond the Fringe salons dedication to the community - especially in education - shows in our efforts to make the special night perfect for young men and women of the community.

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